Portfolio: Recent Website Projects

http://www.checkingforchange.org.uk NRCEMH: Evidence Based Management System
This project was undertaken by another company but failed in its objectives after 3 months of extensive work. The client desperately needed a solution fast and approached SureCode.NET and asked if we could deliver within a few weeks. To the delight of our client we delivered an "impressive" system in just over 3 weeks. As a result we won an extension to the contract to develop the product further.
http://www.odrecording.org.uk NHSGGC: Recording Of Organisational Development Activity
A website was required that would enable the department to move from a paper based system of recording OD Activity to an automated system. A full reporting system was also required to enable the generation of a wide range of reports and statistics.
http://www.equality.scot.nhs.uk Gartnavel Royal Hospital: Equality & Diversity Dept.
Initially commisioned to do an upgrade of the old website, the Equality & Diversity Department were soo impressed by our work that the website has become the focal point of the departments future plans. The website was designed with ease of use in mind and all information is no more than 3 clicks away.
Restricted Site Welltime Ltd: Bulk Text Messaging System
Commisioned by Welltime Ltd to develop a text reminder system for dentists and doctors surgeries. To summarise, the surgery would upload a list of patients along with their mobile numbers and then set a time and day for them to receive a reminder text. Paypal was incorporated into the system to allow payments to be received. The website is being trialed in dentist surgeries and will be made available on completion of the larger application being developed by Welltime Ltd (see below).
SureCode.NET was sub-contracted to design the World Information pages for the NRCEMH website. Before everyone shouts that the links on the map dont work, the blame lies with the main contractor who for some reason decided to edit the code that we supplied. To prove that it does work you can view it on our servers here (ignore the data since it comes from a very old database file).
http://nhsggcequality.pipeten.com NRCEMH: NHS Access for Equality & Diversity
A basic portal was required that would enable users to easily access the many websites that fall within the term Equality & Diversity.

Portfolio: Recent Windows Applications

Windows Application Welltime Ltd: Automated Appointment Booking System (AABS)

AABS is primarily an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) application that interacts directly with NewGpass (booking system used within most doctors surgeries in Scotland) enabling patients to book, cancel and re-arrange their appointments by phone in a language of their preference. In addition the appplication can make outbound calls to patients reminding them of their appointments, again in a language of their preference. Reminding by text message is also available. Any number of languages can be added onto the system.

This was the largest project handled in 2006 by SureCode.NET and highlights our ability to not only develop for the internet but for desktop systems. The system has proven to be a success and is being trialed in several doctors surgeries.

Windows Application Finance Sector Company (name withheld): Screen Scraping Software
A financial company instructed SureCode.NET to develop a system that would "scrape" real-time stock data from a website and place the data into a sql server database to be analysed. Over 200,000 lines of data are stored every day. We have been informed the system is helping them make money but they wont say how much.