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To give us an understanding of the type of application you require please fill out the information below. We may need to contact you to clarify some aspects of the information you have supplied. Once we have all the required information we will prepeare an itemised quote for you stating the fee and timescale.
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  1. What is the application for?

    Please provide as detailed a description of the application as a whole.

  2. What will the primary function be?

    Please give a list of functionality that you would expect from the application.

  3. Do you have an existing logo and colour scheme?

    For some customers we create a logo and corporate 'look and feel', for others we follow existing corporate guidelines.

  4. How quickly do you need the application?

    Please give an indication of any timescale you have.

  5. Do you have a budget?

    You certainly don't have to specify your budget - but it will be useful if you do.

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